SEO Sydney: The Importance of Voice Control for Site Content


Everyone has had an experience with voice recognition software. Prior years have seen it employed in phone services, but the software was not overly useful – as we found out. Extreme clarity was demanded from your speaking voice, and frustration was the common end result.

No longer, however, is this the case, and Sydney SEO efforts must take note. The last several years have seen the rise of several software assistants, such as Siri and Cortana, who are able to not only decipher a spoken query with far more accuracy – they are able to interpret multiple step questions, even making the connection to being able to request more information. SoundHound software, an American startup, is among the most impressive and accurate, and has been challenging the front-runners.

These packages have marked a basic change in our methods of querying search engines. This is due to the discrepancy in search terms between those asked through the keypad, and those asked through one’s voice.

Appealing to this new brand of search query involves a change in content style. Voice queries tend to involve more colloquialisms and slang, and web content must change to reflect this. In the future, Sydney SEO content could easily contain considerably more locally-altered use of language than the broader English of the international site, so as to appeal to more local searchers.

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