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Search Engine Optimisation is the strategy to modify your site structure to give your site the best chance of ranking in the non-paid search results of a Search Engine, for a particular keyword phrase.

Once all structural aspects of the site have been brought up to best practice standards, strategies to increase the number of specifically structured links to different parts of the site are required, as links are beneficial to ranking for a particular keyword phrase in the Search Engine results.

The most important thing you can do for SEO is understand your site and how it is structured, and the impact of that site structure on your SEO. Getting it right means qualified Search Engine leads to your site. Getting it wrong can put up a wall around your site, leaving your business without any Search leads.

This doesn’t mean your web developer will charge you more for creating your web site, we are just controlling the decisions he makes during the site development process. Normally our recommendations will actually simplify the process and actually reduce your cost.

Re-design and re-development of a site typically causes an initial drop in existing Search Engine rankings and traffic. This is because URL’s generally change, and because of that, links are lost. We work with our clients to ensure the damage caused by the changeover is diminished or alleviated.

Navigation Optimisation

Page optimisation ensures that your site is structured in way that the Search Engines can easily get to every page your site – so each page can rank in the Search Engine results for the services or product described on that page.

Page Optimisation

Page optimisation ensures that each page has all the correct attributes in the right place, to maximise the opportunity of that page to rank for the product, service or content of that page.

Keyword research

A fundamental requirement of successful SEO is to map a keyword phrase to each page of the web site, either manually or automatically. We will show you how to map a keyword phrase to each page.

Copywriting Guide

Writing copy that is optimised for SEO is a skill that can be taught. Our copywriting Style Guide will help your copywriter generate the content for each page in a Search Engine friendly way, by following our simple guidelines. This will help every facet of your Search Engine optimisation effort.